Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cloud Computing - the Future of Networked Computing?

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This special report on corporate IT in the October 25th-31st issue of The Economist gives the best arguments (on both sides) of the short-term future of networked computing and its impact on social networks in business that I've seen. Read the whole report if you can, but the heart of the argument is in 'The Long Nimbus" article (URL below.)

Understanding these arguments is essential to forming your opinions on the debate resolution!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Welcome M9 CLass

This is the blog for Professor Tunnard's "Social Networks for Business" class.

As of Wednesday, 29th October, about half of you have enrolled. I look forward to seeing some posts! Please don't wait until the last minute. You are building a knowledge base for the entire class, so the sooner you post, the sooner you will add to the knowledge of the class, and the better the quality of the debates will be.

Here are the guidelines that were in the presentation document:

A blog is, essentially, an information network. We’re going to create one for this class on the subject of social networking.

Between now and midnight Sunday, November 9th, please post an entry in the class blog on the most interesting web site you have found in your research for the debate. Each entry should:

  • Include a link to the site
  • Tell us how you found it (links, recommendations, etc.)
  • State who the publisher/author is
  • Describe it; tell us why you found it useful; and how it helped you further your knowledge of social networking
  • It can't be from my list or lectures
  • Read other entries before you post
  • No rule on length, but not too long! Useful information, clearly described.