Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Using SNA to address corruption issues in present China

At present,the corruption issues are becoming more and more serious in China. From 2012, president Xi Jinping and senior leader Wang Qishan launched the Xi's Anti-corruption Campaign in China. Although the campaign had make a great efforts on Chinese politicians anti-corruption. But it there are still some secretly corruption happening in China. 
Why SNA can works on it
The corruption usually happens between businessman and powerful government officers. Officers always benefits from a deal with businessman, then officers will supporting businessman when they deal with government.Corruptions can be lots of ways in China. For example, businessman can buy their kids for birthday gifts by luxury things which the kids do not needed, like the luxury watch, even sport cars. So I render that, one the one hand corruptions must be benefits on officer self or their relatives. One the other hand, businessman seldom bribery by themselves. They will do it by their drivers or relatives. Therefore, it may not have direct relation or conversation or connection between businessman and officers. But when we focus on attributes in SNA,I do strongly believe that some connection will be found and the corruptions will be proved by these unusual connections.
Demanding Data

  1. Names:Suspected officers,businessman and their relatives’ names.
  2. Attributes:hobby, social network contacts, phone and message records, important property changes, working area, region.
The demanding data are easily getting by their daily action.
Attributehobbysocial network contactsphone and message recordsimportant property changesworking area region.
1photographynevernevernot relatedeconomynot same
2sportsseldomseldompossible relatedagriculture
From front chart, people can measure the true connection between an officer and a businessman. The most important network is import property changes. The officers's salary is stable, if a officer's property changes unreasonable, it may occurs corruption. For example, if a suspected officer or their relatives connecting with a businessman or his relatives by +3, it means that they may have unusual relationships.  But it still will happen coincidence. This SNA will enhance inspectorate and review the suspect list.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Post articles of interest, and Social Media Networks

As you read up on social networks, social media, technology, etc. to prepare for our discussion on Tuesday and for the debates, please post articles of interest either here on the blog, or Tweet them, including the hashtag #HultSNO2016 and @rustytun. You are also welcome to follow me. Now's the time to join it if you're not on it already.

Let's get some activity on our class Twitter hashtag. If we get good activity, I will show you marketers-in-training (MIMs) and the rest of the class how to look at Twitter networks using another software program. Enjoy the weekend, Prof. Tunnard